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MASA Molds & Plastics

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Acquire the thermoplastic injection plant from Flextronics, currently Flex. 


We identified a great opportunity to grow our participation within the thermoplastic injection market. Besides being among the 5 largest companies in the sector in the country, MASA is located in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, which gives us greater competitiveness in the sector.


We started the negotiation for the acquisition of Flex's plant in Manaus at the company's headquarter, located in California. We executed the feasibility studies, analyzed the commercial assets and the structure of the company at that time and continued the negotiations at Flex's commercial office in São Paulo, Brazil.

After a few months of negotiation we closed the deal, and in 2024 we are completing 6 years ahead of MASA Molds & Plastics, located in Manaus, Brazil.

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